Barry Sheppard's
The Party
The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988
A Political Memoir

Volume 1: The Sixties


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The Party: Another view of the 60s, by Ian Angus
The review appeared in Seven Oaks and Socialist Voice, both e-zines. Ian Angus is the author of Canadian Bolsheviks: The Early Years of the Communist Party of Canada, and Director of the Socialist History Project -

How US Revolutionaries Navigated Through the 1960s, by Chris Brooks
The review appeared in issue #369 (July-August, 2005) of the ezine International Viewpoint, the monthly English-language magazine of the Fourth International. Chris Brooks is part of the International Viewpoint editorial team.

The revolutionary heritage of the '60s turmoil, by Fred Feldman
This review appeared in the May 11, 2005, issue of Green Left Weekly, an Australian revolutionary socialist newspaper.
Sheppard's Book on the SWP in the 1960s, by Fred Feldman
This review appeared April 15, 2005 on the Marxmail list (
Fred Feldman was a long-time member and leader of the Socialist Workers Party. He is now a member of the socialist group Solidarity.

Re: Barry Sheppard's political memoir of the US SWP, 1960-88, by Nick Fredman
This review appeared on March 30, 2005 on the Marxism Mailing list ( The author is a member of the Democratic Socialist Perspective in Australia.

Barry Sheppard's Memoir, The Party. An interested, Critical Review, by Bob Gould
This review appeared on the website Ozleft, described as "an independent forum of strategy, tactics, and history in the Australian left, green and labour movements."

A Reveiw by John Green
John Green is a member of the International Socialist Organization. His review appears on the website.

The Socialist Workers Party in the Sixties and Beyond, by Paul LeBlanc
This review appeared in the ezine the week of July 24, 2005. Slightly revised versions appeared in the July/August 2005 issue of Against the Current and on (July 2005).
Books About Yesterday's Activism For Activists Of Tomorrow, by Paul LeBlanc
The following review appeared in the ezine of Monthly Review (
Paul Le Blanc is the author of a number of books including A Short History of the U.S. Working Class and Lenin and the Revolutionary Party.

A Review by Nick Medvecky
The review appeared in Nick's prison newsletter, Communiqué, which he sends to about 200 correspondents. (Nick is currently in prison on drug charges.)
Nick Medvecky became a member of the Young Socialist Alliance in 1966 when he was an autoworker in Detroit during the rise of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. He was chairperson of the Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam and cofounder of Veterans Against the War. He became managing editor of South End, the daily student newspaper at Wayne State University, which became a citywide voice of the Black freedom struggle, the autoworkers movement, and the antiwar movement.

A Review by Tami Peterson
This review appeared in the British newspaper Socialist Resistance.

A Review by A. C. Pollack
This review appeared April 24, 2005 on the Marxmail list (

Trotskyism in the USA in the Sixties, by Wayne Price
The following review appeared December 13, 2005, on the website

Barry Sheppard's "The Sixties: A Political Memoir", by Louis Proyect
Louis Proyect is the moderator of, a worldwide "forum for activists and scholars in the Marxist tradition," which was launched in 1998. This review was written for the British magazine Revolutionary History

Barry Sheppard's The Sixties, by Ernest Tate
This review appeared in issue #8, November-December, 2005 of Relay, a magazine of the Socialist Project in Canada. The Socialist Project is a new organization that comes out of a socialist regroupment experience in 2001 in Ontario. It is comprised mainly of independent Marxists. For more information, see

A Review by David Whitehouse
This review appeared in issue #42, July-August 2005, of the bimonthly magazine International Socialist Review.

Review: The Party: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988, by Richard Winger
This review appeared in the e-zine Ballot Access News, Volume 21, Number 4, August 5, 2005.

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